Sunday, May 16, 2010


Normanskill with mud flat (May 2010)
The last few weeks have sent me around and about some different environs of the Normanskill. A hike I took of Mount Trember in the Catskill Mountains on May 2, 2010 was at the peak of Spring wildflowers which made me think I should visit some old and new haunts in the watershed while the new green of spring was still present. I explored the kill (creek) south of State Farm Road in the Town of Guilderland. Then I walked along a small tributary of Black Creek beneath the escartment in the Town of New Scotland. Finally I visited the Pine Bush State Unique area south of the East Old State Road also in the Town of Guilderland. I am posting some photos. Such enjoyable variety with so much to explore and see.--- Alan Casline Spring green of ferns
Spring waters fill the Creek
tributary clouds come by for a quick visit
hayfield below escartment
at Pine Bush Unique Area
pitch pine loaded with cones
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