Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I took Nott Road off of State Farm Road in the Town of Guilderland looking for river crossings and views of the Normanskill on November 2, 2010, a fall feeling day. There was a breeze and color remaining on green hills but with leaves fallen from maples, birch and understory brush the bones of the earth were beginning to show. I turned into Nott Road Park and found the Normanskill followed one boundary of the property. This is a Town of Guilderland Park of soccer and ball fields without a trail system for hiking although there is plenty of opportunity for a formal set-up. I enjoyed the rough going. There seem to be quite a bit of ditching which I think is to help drainage of the ball fields. It looks like flood plain in the flat areas closer to streamside. I sat still and wrote some small poems then walked downstream till I came to a ditch/stream too big to cross.

steady stream

oak leaves floating

wind brings some upstream

towards me

ghosts seep from cracks in the world

Back in my vehicle, I turned left at the junction with Foundary Road (right turn) and Grant Hill Road (left turn) There was a iron-decked bridge to add to my collection of Bridges of the Normanskill. There were so many State Police cars driving by, coming from the nearby shooting range (National Guard Training Center) that I didn't climb down under the bridge as I usually do. The piece of the Normanskill that runs through the shooting range has steep sides and as I climbed up Grant Hill there were nice views of the deep valley at this place. Here are some photos from the day. steep banks upstream from Grant Hill Bridge

downstream from Grant Hill Bridge
There is a Normanskill down there some where